InvoSet is a world class leading revolutionary online payment system, that bridges the relationship between Buyers and Suppliers, whilst simultaneously improving their cashflow

If you are unsure whether you would prefer to register as a Buyer or Supplier, please use the explanation below to help guide you

Buyer Requirements

I have been in business for 2 years
My monthly turnover exceeds R85,000 per month
I have no unpaid debits or Judgements on record

Supplier Requirements

No unpaid debits or Judgements on record

SSuppliers supply goods or services
SSuppliers need to convince their Buyers to use the InvoSet platform
SSuppliers can now supply Buyers with long terms without the associated cash flow stress
SSuppliers receive 100% of invoice value offered
SSuppliers can grow their business without a debtors book
SSuppliers do not have to have collateral or a track record
SSuppliers can negotiate better supply costs with their COD payment
SSuppliers have access to instant online approval and payment into bank account in 24hrs
SSuppliers can access cash 24/7/365
SSuppliers have the ability to discount any invoice of choice, at any time

BBuyers buy goods and services from Suppliers
BBuyers incur no costs, unless extended payment terms are selected
BBuyers can pay all their Suppliers COD (Cash on Delivery)
BBuyers negotiate better pricing due to COD option
BBuyers get preferential deals from their Suppliers due to their COD option
BBuyers are subject to minimal due diligence
BBuyers build their relationship with their Suppliers
BBuyers help their Suppliers grow